We supply PSIRA registered officers, all officers are strictly vetted prior to employment and are also polygraphed on a regular basis. 

All officers receive continuous in-house training and are also rotated on a regular basis at the client’s premises.

We are the safest bet

We offer a 24/7 service with highly trained professionals that protect your premises in a professional manner, and we believe in continuous training of our personnel in order to keep up with the latest trends at all times.

We are a motivated team of professionals, who have the skills and experience to protect clients from all risks that may arise, by rendering a proactive service.

our objective

Our main objective is to reduce clients’ losses to an acceptable level and our main aim is to render a preventative service.

We specialize in the following disciplines of guarding services:

  • Industrial (Manufacturing.)
  • Commercial (Retail & Shopping Centers/Malls)
  • Warehousing (Dispatch, Receiving, & End Control)
  • Housing / Estate Complexes

Control Room:

Competent personnel on a 24-hour basis, man our Control Room, and all personnel have immediate communication with the Control Room.

In order to ensure that the correct decision is made at all times in the event of a problem at a premises, all clients’ procedures are readily available to the Controllers.


The most important aspect of any security operation is competent managers, supervisors, and effective hands-on supervision.

Our managers and supervisors are fully conversant with all procedures and requirements of clients, to ensure that a consistent, quality service is rendered.

Management Involvement:

Top management is involved in all aspects of the service delivery and is available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.

Security Procedures / Systems:

Prior to the commencement of a service being rendered to a client, specific procedures are drafted in liaison with the client, with the main objective being to provide maximum protection to the client.

Procedures are reviewed on a six-monthly basis, and amendments are made where necessary.

Placing of Personnel:

All our clients are divided into sectors and each employee is allocated to a specific sector. Through ongoing training, each employee in a specific sector can work with any client in the specific sector.

This ensures that there is a pool of competent personnel available at all times, for a client and that service delivery is consistent. This also allows us to rotate employees on a regular basis without the risk of affecting quality.

Client Communication:

Any queries, risks, or incidents are communicated to the client on a daily basis. Weekly reports are submitted on a weekly basis containing the following information:

  • Incidents and irregularities
  • Risks
  • Statistics regarding :
  • Access Control – visitors, deliveries, goods dispatched, etc.
  • Searches conducted.
  • Patrols conducted.
  • Gate passes, and any other site-specific information requested by the client.

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