Camera Monitoring

As a security service provider, we decided to create an “Off-Site Camera Monitoring Control Centre”, in order to assist our clients to keep their security costs as low as possible, but to still have effective security measures in place.

Camera Systems / Technical

  • The Control Centre functions on a dedicated network for the purpose of camera monitoring.
  • There is immediate technical support and availability of technicians on a 24/7 basis.
  • We operate in a partnership as one business unit – NO RED TAPE / GREY AREAS of responsibility.
  • We have full administrative rights to the whole system resulting in no blame-shifting when there are faults as we are fully responsible for the system.
  • Dedicated contact persons ensure that there are – No Call Centre Queues.

Camera Monitoring

  • The Control Centre is situated in a secured area and is manned by competent security personnel who also have received sufficient training in operating the camera systems.
  • These operators are polygraphed on a regular basis to ensure that honest and high-caliber operators monitor our clients’ premises at all times.
  • In the event that an irregularity is detected, a vehicle with a competent officer on supervisor level is immediately dispatched to the said premises.
  • The Control Centre is in constant direct contact with the responding officer via two-way radio, until the matter/incident has been resolved.
  • All clients are on a separate “WhatsApp” group with 24/7 communication of footage as well as reporting incidents / suspicious activity at the client’s premises. 
  • A full Incident Report is submitted to the client telephonically, followed by a written incident report, as well as downloaded footage the following day.

Benefits of Camera Monitoring Services

  • Cost-effective
  • Real-time reaction to any incidents and or possible losses.
  • Immediate communication of incidents to the client.
  • An immediate true record of an incident that occurred.
  • Increased productivity of personnel as we report any suspicious actions from employees to the client for further investigation and action.
  • The client knows at all times what is going on in his business, and also has a true record of such events.

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